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IcePets: Raffle + Trophies

Raffle Result

This weeks raffle was won by Irissa.

They received 1,812,600 IP!

Game Trophies

The latest trophies have been awarded, and the leaders are as follows:


trophy-catch-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 321:

trophy-catch-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 251:

trophy-catch-bronze.pngThird Place, with a score of 112:



coined-trophy-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 27040:

coined-trophy-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 12510:

coined-trophy-bronze.pngThird Place, with a score of 11480:


Ice Breaker

ibb-trophy.pngFirst Place, with a score of 46970:

ibs-trophy.pngSecond Place, with a score of 46870:

ibg-trophy.pngThird Place, with a score of 7445:


Ice Snake

trophy-snakegame-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 120:

trophy-snakegame-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 105:


Jar Match

jarmatchtrophy-plain-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 1166:

jarmatchtrophy-plain-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 1096:

jarmatchtrophy-plain-bronze.pngThird Place, with a score of 975:


Red vs Blue

RedvsBluetrophy-gold2.pngFirst Place, with a score of 79:

RedvsBluetrophy-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 77:

RedvsBluetrophy-bronze.pngThird Place, with a score of 47:


Sharshel Says

sharshel-says-trophy-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 5060:

sharshel-says-trophy-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 2850:

CLC, rainbowland
sharshel-says-trophy-bronze.pngThird Place, with a score of 2040:



trophy-survivor-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 205:

trophy-survivor-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 123:

trophy-survivor-bronze.pngThird Place, with a score of 90:


Ichumon: Battle Royale

battleanty.gifmedalgold-1.pngAnne won last week's Battle Royale with a time of 140 seconds! All who completed the Battle Royale have been awarded their cP prize and first, second, and third place have also won trophies for their profiles.

Sign up your Ichumon in this week's Battle Royale Contest!

You will need to kill 17 Battle Ant in the Battle Royale Map as fast as you can. The quickest user to complete the battles will receive the top prize of 25,000 cP!

Ichumon: Restock Race

ichumon_restock_trophy_gold.pngichumon_restock_trophy_silver.pngichumon_restock_trophy_bronze.png 1st: whiteice won a Magical White Arro Mirror Shard.
2nd: Natsu won a Magical Orange Aquellia Mirror Shard.
3rd: portia14
They have each also won 23,149 iP and trophies for their profile!

A new Restock Race has begun!
You will need to purchase 14 Polka Dot Shirt from the Mushroom Shops before next Saturday. The Ichuan with the fastest time wins. Remember your timer starts with your first purchase of the item, Good luck!

IcePets: A Prosperous Garden

Cloudfruit Peranta
Earthberry Poffles Moonie

Summer is making its way in, which means the orchards are blooming with plenty of seasonal produce. But this year, we've discovered some brand new fruits growing around Terrafrost! Sink your teeth into the super delicious Cloudfruit, Peranta, Earthberry, Poffles, and Moonie! You can find them all at the Glacial Grocer. They'll also be rewarded by the Candy Quest, and next week the Space Quest will also be seeking them.


You can't grow some tasty fruit without a rich, fertile garden. And the key to a fertile garden is this new companion -- the Dirtwyrm! If you'd like one of these adorable little guys to protect your crops, head on over to Jacobi's Companion Reserve.

Ichumon: Persona of the Week


The Persona of the Week Contest has been judged! Congratulations to whiteice on winning this week's competition.

PersonaTrophy.pngThis week's theme: Alice

Ichumon: What Am I Results

gamewhatami.jpg Last week's round of What Am I has ended.

The item description was: A bite sized papaya, so tasty!
The answer was: TeeniWeeni Papaya.

9 out of 9 Ichuans answered correctly.

A new round of What Am I has started. Good luck!

Powerpets: Issue Update #2 - fixes

109 Health and Pet pedias have been added again.
We are searching for Healthpedia - Xenarthra. We will be reactivating quest questions related to pedias again soon.

The restoration of Runa's quest has started. Soon you will be able to visit Runa again.

Paypal is now functioning properly again. If you purchase credits using this method in the Upgrade Center, they will be added fairly instantly.

A problem with cooking and building toys has been resolved, and all is functioning properly now.

A problem with forums when trying to submit a post with a title that is too long has been fixed.

Flight Rising: Banescale Gene Expansion


Banescale dragons get a new coat of paint in today's update

[Image Caption: The banner image reads "Banescale Gene Expansion: New parallel genes, familiars, and puzzles!". This image is in shades of purple and blue, and features a Banescale dragon with large horns and spikes sporting the newly released Ribbon & Eel gene, which long parallel bands of color across its body. In the lower right is a hairless cat familiar with metallic wings.]

We have many new additions to implement tonight, and we¢re putting them up live! The live update is now complete! All of the following content should be available:

Banescale Parallel Genes 345.png
Additional genes are now available on for Banescale dragons! Each of these genes has a chance to appear where their modern counterpart is available. This means that if the modern version of the gene was available in the treasure marketplace, the Banescale version will be too. Tide and Foam trades are available through Baldwin until our upcoming gene swap shop is available.

Primary Gene: Bar (Banescale) - Specialty ItemsPrimary Gene: Crystal (Banescale) - Specialty ItemsPrimary Gene: Ribbon (Banescale) - Specialty ItemsPrimary Gene: Tide (Banescale) - Specialty ItemsPrimary Gene: Pharaoh (Banescale) - Specialty Items

Secondary Gene: Daub (Banescale) - Specialty ItemsSecondary Gene: Facet (Banescale) - Specialty ItemsSecondary Gene: Eel (Banescale) - Specialty ItemsSecondary Gene: Foam (Banescale) - Specialty ItemsSecondary Gene: Sarcophagus (Banescale) - Specialty Items

Tertiary Gene: Monarch (Banescale) - Specialty ItemsTertiary Gene: Soap (Banescale) - Specialty ItemsTertiary Gene: Spines (Banescale) - Specialty Items

Familiar Sights 161.png
The following new familiars have a chance to stock in the treasure marketplace:

Kingfish - FamiliarFisher King - FamiliarPlatewing Sphinx - FamiliarFalse Sphinx - Familiar

Those who befriend some of the newest familiars may find their feats rewarded!

Platewing Messenger - Familiar

Greenskeeper Gathering Skin Contest 16.png
The tenth annual Greenskeeper Gathering will begin May 28, 2023, and we're running a skin and accent contest in celebration! Click here for more information!


Jigsaw Additions 405.png
There are 5 new puzzle possibilities for Jigsaw!






Additional Updates 119.png

  • Secondary Gene: Daub for moderns and Gaolers will have their gene rarity changed from Common to Uncommon. This change will happen on or after July 24, 2023.
  • Tertiary Gene: Gembond for moderns, Aether, and Undertide will have their rarity changed from Limited to Uncommon. This change will happen on or after July 24, 2023.

Ichumon: Lottery

ticket.pngCongratulations to jenboop20, who has just won the Ichu Lottery! The jackpot was worth 41,500 iP and the item prize was Magical Demon Danemue Mirror Shard!

This week's item prize will be Lycan Biscuits! Lottery is drawn every Wednesday.

Wajas: Pearadise Festival Winners and End Credits!

White Friday Sale is happening now! REMINDER Click to buy! CWP is now buy one get one! Deal lasts from May 22nd, Start of Day - May 29th, End of Day. Get it while it's hot! Also, don't forget that our newest mutation Kelpie Hair 's DNA leaves the CWP Shop once the month is over. If you were holding off on grabbing one or ten, make sure to buy before the month is up! Pearadise Fest Credits: Sparra Miami the Plush Wajaw Participation Prize Shell Eggs Washed Up Kelp Seashell Garland Sassafras the Seagull Seafoam Steps Sea Urchin Pampas Grass Oceanic Eye Shadow Oceanic Cape Giant Clam Shell Carnival Dock Wallpaper Carnival Beach Wallpaper Ghost Crab Bamboo Torch Anchor Spot the Difference SM Game Art Find the egg game: Hosted by: Bluee and Sparra Images by: Bluee, Averan, Sparra, Admiral Dressup Game: Idea: Admiral Hosted by: Sadi Guide by: Sparra

Ichumon: Easter Egg Design Contest 2023 Winners!


Congratulations to the winners of the Easter Egg Design Contest 2023!
ariel, jenboop20, Lunaflo, SkyRabbit, Tim, whiteice. Winners have received their egg item in their toybox. Everyone else will have to wait until next year to find these new eggs hiding somewhere in Ichua!

Pocket Puma Pets: It's almost TOWEL DAY!


  • Date Posted: 2023-05-22
  • Posted By: PhantomFire
  • Link: Original Post

IcePets: Rocking the Globe

RockrusMeteora Spa RocksGemstone Candy

What makes up some of the coal-est collections around? Rocks! Be they oddly endearing pets or part of a tub of stones for shale, let's show these compressed minerals that we don't take them for granite.

In other words, it's time for a showcase! Be it a crystal you've had for years or a neat piece of gravel you find outside ten minutes from now, show us your favourite rock so that we may all marble at its glory.

This is not a competition (all rocks are augite to us)! Everyone who participates will receive the following prizes:

Snow Contestant TrophyToken Bag

- A Snow Contestant Trophy
- One Token Bag

Crystal Cobron Pinata 2022

There are just a few rules to keep in mind:

Rule 1 - Your submission must be a photograph.
Rule 2 - Your photograph must be of a rock (or crystal, mineral, etc--basically, a feather isn't a rock*).
Rule 3 - Your username must be in the photograph (ex. writing it down on a piece of paper that is also in frame).
Rule 4 - All entries submitted must be considered appropriate under the Terms and Conditions of IcePets.

Please be sure to post your photograph in this news post by May 29th, 23:59:59 IST.

As long as your submission follows these rules, you're guaranteed to receive the participation prizes!

* Unless its imprint is fossilized in one. Then it's very sedimental.

Powerpets: Issue Update - Fixes

We are having communication issues with Paypal. This means for the time being credit purchases in the upgrade center will be processed manually so they can take up to half a day to come through.

The grooming parlor has been reactivated. Fairly soon we will be releasing all fur tonic and cream rinses again in the areas they were originally found, except for those that were in giftpacks will be available for purchase in the upgrade center.

Sharkfather Quest and Shipwreck quest temporarily do not ask questions, so all they need is some items and they'll reward you.

Unfortunately pet zone blogs were lost, however we have fixed the Blog and Image section so you can add in the information to your pets again.

30 Petpedias have been added and can be read again.

Cilantro knows a whole bunch of level 1 and 2 recipes again, and Fred is starting to get smarter as well.

While PF properties were saved, the inside of houses were lost, this means everyone has to rebuild their kitchens, workshops and hydroponics rooms. Make sure to ask your mayor to restock the proper items.
Since the site was not back up until after Mayor Applications were closed, current mayors will remain in charge for June.

Pocket Puma Pets: Progenitors are here!


  • Date Posted: 2023-05-21
  • Posted By: Quadricat
  • Link: Original Post

Use the "Contact" link for more information